About Us

The very first instance of human creativity can be seen in the palm impression (Art of the Palaeolithic) found almost 35,000-44,000 years ago on walls of the caves in Maros, Indonesia and in those of the Franco-Cantabrian region of western Europe. And as a creative organisation, we celebrate the genesis of human creativity through our title ‘Impression’. Impression is purely for art lovers. It is a house of unique products designed thoughtfully by our traditional artisans and contemporary designers. Made with noble materials and worked on by expert craftsmen, the products are designed to last. In this journey, we even organise art workshops, as well as sessions with our hand-picked panel of mentors that include artists, art historians, photographers, musicians and other creative professionals. Thus, Impression is a place where you don’t just shop, but also create.



  • Anurag Acharya

  • Arjun Mukherjee

  • Debdutta Gupta

  • Diptanshu Roy

  • Sayantani Chaki

  • Soubhik Payra

  • Soumya Chowdhury

  • Subhadeep Dawn

  • Subhendu Sarkar

  • Sujoy Roy

  • Suvomoy Mitra

  • Uttaran Choudhuri


Anurag Acharya

Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson

Anurag studied coding and programming for 5 years and has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, but earns his living by writing ads, film scripts and radio spots. He has worked with advertising agencies such as Rediffusion, Bates and J. Walter Thompson, for more than 10 years. Anurag’s got a thing for slow music and fast food and loves watching horror movies.


Arjun Mukherjee

VP & Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson

Arjun took a stroll outside the bank he was working at and knocked on the door of a small advertising agency for a copy test. He was hired. More than 20 years later, he is still at it. He has worked in Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata with agencies like Rediffusion, Dentsu, Bates and JWT. He has won awards at Goafest, Adfest and has been featured in The Luerzer’s Archive. He has also won the most coveted award in the animation industry at the Annecy International Animation Festival. Arjun loves animals, travelling and eating all kinds of food (even bats and rats), is a sports fanatic, amateur art collector and is working on his first book.


Diptanshu Roy

Musician & Senior Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson

A commerce graduate from St. Xaviers College, Diptanshu has learned everything about advertising, on the job. He has worked in agencies like Bates, Rediffusion, Dentsu, JWT. His interests in the arts are extremely diverse, ranging from graphic design, typography, photography to cooking, fashion and music. Diptanshu is the only Bluegrass mandolin player in India. He is the co-founder of the popular band Fiddler’s Green and of the only Bluegrass band in the country, No Strings Attached. He has played mandolin for numerous feature films, including the award-winning Piku, Nirbak, Sonar Pahar and Praktan.


Sayantani Chaki

Co-Founder, Impression

A science graduate from Calcutta University, Sayantani has worked with advertising agencies such as Response India, Genesis, Ad infinitus and Cygnus, for more than 10 years. Sayantani loves photography and she has exhibited her photography at the Serendipity Arts Festival at Goa, Format Festival at Derby, United Kingdom, All India Women Artist’s Contemporary Art Exhibition at Chandigarh, CIMA Art Mela at Kolkata, ICCR Kolkata, Academy of Fine Arts at Kolkata and many more. She has also participated in “Theatre of Real Life” workshop by German photographer Wolfgang Zurborn organized by DWIH, New Delhi. Sayantani has a Diploma in Spanish language and enjoys reading and travelling. 


Soubhik Payra

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, SoS Ideas

About 25 years ago, when Soubhik, a dreamy eyed small-town boy, entered Govt. College of Art and Craft in Kolkata, no one knew where time would lead him to. After two and a half decades Soubhik today is not only the co-founder of one of Kolkata’s most prominent Creative Agency, SoS Ideas, but he is also the only Cannes winning advertising professional in the city, with decades of experience in some of the top Global agencies including Ogilvy and Bates and work panning India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Soubhik is not only an ace advertising person, he is also the city’s leading movie promotion designer. He is the man behind the stunning posters of movies such as MaachherJhol, Open T Bioscope, BunoHaansh, among many others. In his free time Soubhik loves to strum his guitar and sing his heart out. He loves watching movies and web series in any language and genre as long as it enriches him in some way. He also enjoys travelling and exploring new destinations.


Soumya Chowdhury

Vice President & Client Servicing Director, Wunderman Thompson

An Advertising Graduate from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Soumya has been a student and practitioner of the discipline for the last 18 years. Starting his career at Genesis Kolkata, he has worked for agencies like Mudra, Bates and JWT, both in and outside the city. Currently working as VP at Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, Soumya believes advertising is all about simplicity, observation and common sense.


Subhadeep Dawn

Co-Founder, Impression | Team Manager, Capgemini

Subhadeep has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Art from The Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship, Kolkata. He has worked in Bangalore and Kolkata with advertising agencies such as SoS Ideas, Wunderman Thompson (JWT), Contract, Bates, DDB Mudra and Orion Communications for more than 16 years. And worked on brands like ITC, Coca Cola, Shell, Air Asia, Linen Club, ABP, Disney (Star Tv India), Amul, Emami, Marico, Tea Board of India and many more. He had won many awards and accolades, also his works got published in prestigious Lürzer’s Archive. Subhadeep enjoys world music, poems, photography, travelling and likes to explore Google maps in his free-time. He has also exhibited his paintings and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, Birla Academy and ICCR Kolkata.


Subhendu Sarkar

Wordtoonist, Illustrator & Visual Artist

A master’s degree in fine arts from the Govt College of Art & Craft, Kolkata started his career as a freelance designer. He has done several projects for reputed organizations, NGO’s and media houses like ICICI, Havells, Indian Navy, Times Now, Peerless Group, and many more. Soon he started performing as a cartoonist to explore his new medium ‘Wordtoon’. Now his core objective is to explore ‘Wordtoon’ based on various socio-cultural issues of our society engaging the audience from common people. Presently he is working as a guest lecturer of Fine Arts at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.


Sujoy Roy

Executive Creative Director & Managing Partner, Ogilvy

Sujoy joined Ogilvy Kolkata as its Creative Head in 2012. In 2017 he added some of the most cutting edge work and brands to the credentials of Ogilvy Kolkata. Sujoy was aiming for something more than a decorated career. He wanted to redesign Kolkata, pave the way for design thinking. Thus, the Ogilvy Kolkata Design Cell was formed in 2017. Having always cultivated restlessness, Sujoy decided to take his cultural and linguistic pride to another height with the foundation of Ogilvy East. After 16 years at Ogilvy Mumbai, Colombo and Kolkata, on the other end of Cannes, One Show, Young Guns, London Festival, World Press Award and Adfest, Sujoy is as Sujoy was, someone who believes in divine discontent.


Uttaran Chaudhuri

Creative Director, Fifth Ring, UK

After his M.A. from Jadavpur University, Uttaran Chaudhuri joined Ogilvy as a trainee copywriter and worked there for 5 years. Then he moved to JWT and pursued excellence for 3 years. After that, bit by the travel bug, he travelled across the Americas, shook hands with Salman Rushdie, got run-over by a car and almost died in a plane crash. He came back to India and joined Soho Square as an Associate Creative Director. He currently works at SoS Ideas as a Creative Director and an old Calcutta enthusiast.


Debdutta Gupta

Art Historian

Debdutta is a renowned art historian and an avid collector of LP vinyls – from age old Indian classical to modern day rock bands.

A famous visual artist, an excellent writer and a Kolkata enthusiast – Debdutta has had an illustrious career. He works as a columnist with renowned newspapers. He is also a visiting faculty of prestigious art schools, an art researcher and a famous art show curator. In short, he has been exploring every aspect of art with great interest.

Debdutta won many awards including the prestigious State Akademi scholarship in 1995 for creative writing on art and art criticism. His recent work on Abanindranath Tagore’s ‘Khuddur Jatra’ (published from Pratikshan Publication) has received many national and international accolades.

He is presently working as an assistant professor of Art History at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.


Suvomoy Mitra


Suvomoy is a photographer, painter and wordsmith who translates visuals into art form. His interests are multifarious; building working models of trains, making wine, cinema and music or writing fictitious accounts on his travels and on life.

He has received Lifetime Achievement award from Lalitkala Academi, Merit awards in National Geographic Traveller twice, UNESCO and UNEP. His work was featured in National Geographic Traveller International calendar as well. He was awarded FIAP Gold and Silver medals many times in various countries. Suvomoy bagged the First prize in Incredible India competition, Best portfolio in AIACS as well. He was an invitee lecturer on Photography at Roopkala Kendro, an Indo Italian Institute of Film and Social Communication.

His photographs travelled in many national and international exhibition including France, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, United Kingdom, Austria and Belgium.

He is the author of two best selling books, “Jara Parijayee Travel Photography Guide” and “Photographyr Jukti Noksha Galpo”.